Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A modern shed roof design, the Avanti, by Palm Harbor Homes

Avanti III, with separate guest suite on left

Avanti without guest room, at home show in Seattle

I wanted to do a post on this home, the “Avanti” by Palm Harbor a while back but the dealer never sent me the better quality photos I requested.  I found a full set of photos on Flickr HERE. Click on the Slide Show button to see all 42. And to see another set of an Avanti set up and decorated for a home show in Seattle, this of an Avanti without the guest room. The breezeway would be open in the back. This has some studs, just for transport. You can see the open breezeway in the home show model and they went all Italian with the furniture.

In the slide show, the floor plan for this home, the Avanti III, is incorrect. All together, it has 787 sq. ft. and is a a 2 bedroom, 1-3/4 bath home, with a breezeway and the 2nd bedroom/bath on the other side of the patio. I have posted the correct floor plan above. (Click on it to make it larger.) All together, it has 787 sq. ft. These photos are from the Flickr photo set, of one for sale for $69,783 at the Palm Harbor dealer in Millersburg, Oregon.

The Avanti is a modern shed-roof design with soaring vaulted ceilings and beautiful cabinets, tile work, counters and windows.  This home has real class. The only thing I don’t like about it, is the lack of eaves. Well, there's one more thing. It wouldn't be good if you ever wanted solar panels, because the roof is slanted in the wrong direction.

Unlike the Avanti III, the  Avanti I has no patio/breezeway or 2nd guest bedroom/bath, but is even cuter, and probably closer to $55,000, much less expensive than the Avanti III. In my photo, I have changed the color of the skirting. This home would look much better on a block foundation or faux rock. It is 2 x 6” wall construction with good insulation although I don’t have specs. Oregon has very high standards for their manufactured homes.

Palm Harbor was bought by Cavco in early 2011. It’s good they didn’t die. In the last five years or so, they’ve come out with a lot of nice designs, especially in smaller homes. I love this home!

Palm Harbor has nearly two thousand photos of their homes on Flickr. I’m sure I’m going to post some more.


  1. Palm Harbor Homes never fails to impress me with their shed roof designs. I wonder why they named it Avanti. The first time I heard of this word was when my Grandfather talked about his favorite comedy film produced by Billy Wilder and starred by Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills. I wonder if there's any relevance.

  2. Hi Brendan, "avanti" is the Italian word for "forward," "move forward" or "ahead." The root word is used in the French "avant-garde" meaning something forward looking or advanced. In addition to the Wilder comedy there used to be a sports car(1962-1963), called the Studebaker Avanti. It's very cool looking if you look it up on wiki. Just search: Avanti car wiki.

    In the movie, "Avanti!" probably means "move foward" or "come in" like the Spanish "adelante."

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  4. I like the modern roof. I love high ceilings in homes. It gives it a very open and elegant feel. When I purchase my first home, it will probably be a pretty similar size. Although, it is small I think it is really nice.

  5. Love this one and I'm considering it. I just bought land in Oregon and want to put a stylish single wide on it. Clayton's Golden West division also has a nice cabin-like single wide with a prow front that I like. You're right about Oregon's standards. They're especially rigorous about foundation requirements for manufactured homes.