Saturday, August 3, 2013

A good looking single-wide

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Some people have a strong aversion to the single-wide shape and nothing that is done with it will change their minds. It could fly and they wouldn't care, they hate it. I don’t hate the single-wide shape but I still like it when a manufacturer tries different types of roof which make it look better. This one has a hip roof with dormer and in the drawing at least, what looks to be nice eaves. Personally, I wouldn’t spend a lot of extra money for a home because of the exterior appearance but it might help the resale value, as long as it is on your own property. I'm not sure the dormer on the end is necessary.

This single-wide is called the Woodland II FFG3 72K3 “Anniversary” elevation/edition by Palm Harbor Homes. It is modular only. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo of a real one but even the drawing looks much nicer than the drawings of the other special hip roof models which remind me of ranch houses from 1960. Here's one:

You can find the plainer Woodland II models for about $35,000 to $45,000 and their exterior appearance is ghastly. I’m guessing that this kind of roof and being modular would push it more toward the $55,000 to $65,000 price range. Here's a plain Woodland II on the lower end -- eeeeek!

They are being coy about saying whether it has 2 x 6 exterior walls but I think that must be standard on this “Anniversary” modular model.Below is a floor plan and information on the upgrades. Click on any image to enlarge. By the way, I'm not posting very much am I. Believe it or not, I still surf the web looking at a lot of homes. There just hasn't been anything worth posting.

I like that it has an 8½’ interior flat ceilings and the interior seems okay. Palm Harbor is a manufacturer I didn’t like 10 years ago but they underwent style changes and I like many of their styles and materials as of 5 years ago.

If they ever sell one and get a real photo of this home, I’ll post it. Here's a link to a video, but just for the interior of the Woodland II only, no hip roof, no dormer.