Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finding manufactured homes in your state, with Google Images search

Just a few days ago, Google, Images underwent some good improvements. To get there, go to the regular google page and click on "Images" in the upper left corner.

I use the “Images” “News” and “Videos” search tabs of Google to look at manufactured homes, and lots of other things too. For videos, it's better than the YOUTUBE search, since that limits you to YOUTUBE videos only.

Using the Google Image search allows you to see the product up front, and perhaps discover a smaller, high quality company, because the hierarchy in the regular Google web search is dominated by industry giants like Clayton.

So, once in the Google, Images search, I did the following search:

Manufactured Homes Colorado

The very first picture shows a cute home with some wood beams in the ceiling.
By clicking on the image it takes you to a page where you can just click in the upper right on “Website for this Image” and be taken to the page of the company, which in this case is Colorado Factory Modulars.

The specs on their homes look top of-the-line, and reasonably priced too, so this company is one to check out if you are in their distribution area of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, New Mexico, North & South Dakota, Utah, and Montana.

The biggest improvement in Google Image is the ability to scroll down and see hundreds of images without having to press the “page down” key.

After checking out any company’s site which looks interesting, get back to the wall of images on Google, just use the regular BACK button in your browser.

Using Google image search doesn’t guarantee every link is even what it says it is. There will be some dead ends.

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